10 Fall Fashion Must Haves for 2016

It’s that time of the year again! September is officially here and with it the end of the summer season. I know :'(. We’re all weeping deep down because we know that this means we’ll have to put away our swimsuits until next year and head back to reality, a.k.a school or work. Here in the Northeast, the weather starts to simmer down and the temperatures typically begin to drop a bit towards the end of the month. Now don’t get me wrong, summer is great! However fall, along with spring, are my two favorite seasons. No more walking outside and melting in the dreaded eighty degree, humid weather. No more feeling like you’re in a sauna with your makeup sliding off your face. It’s gross and trust me you will find very few people who enjoy this aspect of summer. I enjoy the cool, more temperate weather of fall and don’t mind throwing on a light layering piece during the day. Plus dressing up during the autumn allows me to experiment a bit more with my wardrobe and try out new trends! That being said, there are a few staples that I like to include in my closet every season. So without further ado, let’s get into my must haves!



10 must haves for fall 2016


  1. Jcrew Vest: perfect for layering and keeping you warm
  2. Gingham or Plaid shirt: again layering… See a trend? LOL
  3. Booties: classics.
  4. Wrap choker: I’ve been seeing this style all over this season and while it hasn’t been in my closet in recent years I think it adds a little something to an outfit.
  5. Basic Tee: a staple year round.
  6. Blanket Scarf: so warm when it gets chilly.
  7. Chunky Sweater: Simple. Easy. Also more layering :P.
  8. Denim: A good pair of jeans is essential year round. Both blue and black denim are great pieces for the fall.
  9. Leather Jacket: I practically live in this come the colder months.
  10. Crossbody bag: I like a no fuss bag, that is easy to sling across my body and fits all my essentials like my phone, cardholder and some extras.
All the links for items are listed above. Hope you enjoyed my post and hope to see you again in the future!
Until then,
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