4 ways to be more productive this year!

Every year at the start of the new year we gather round and make our New Year’s resolutions. These are the things we want to work on and accomplish in the upcoming year, whether that is to get fit, start a new project, go back to school, travel more, spend less…you get the picture! With 2017 in full swing, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to try and make use of my time more efficiently and be more productive.

While being productive is always a goal of mine, I especially want to accomplish as much as I can during the six months I have free until I start medical school in the summer. I also want to be more consistent in writing and scheduling posts to go up on the blog so that new content is available often.

With some thought and reflection I have come up with several tips that have helped me increase my productivity and stay on track with my goals. I believe these are the 4 most helpful ways to be more efficient with your time and get stuff done!


One thing I have noticed is that by waking up early enough so that I don’t feel rushed, I have plenty of time to plan out everything I have to do for the day without forgetting something important. I can calmly get up out of bed, eat breakfast, get dressed and prepare for the day. This allows me to stay organized which makes performing my tasks later in the day easier and more efficient.

I also think waking up early creates the illusion of a longer day. I know when I sleep in, the day seems shorter, and it seems as if I have less time to accomplish everything I want to. Luckily, when it comes down to being an early bird versus a night owl, I am definitely the early bird. However, I truly believe that even if you are not someone who likes to wake up early, doing so tricks your mind into thinking you have more time to do the things you want.


Whoever said, breakfast is the most important meal of the day was definitely onto something. Breakfast provides your body with the energy it needs to function after a period of fasting during the hours you are asleep. Getting in a well balanced breakfast will allow you to feel full and tackle all your tasks for the day without constantly thinking of your next meal. Some of my favorites are scrambled eggs with mushrooms or spinach, avocado toast, and oatmeal with blueberries and almonds.


Organization is KEY! Planning ahead is essential to being productive because it enables you to take on your tasks quickly without missing a step, idea, or deadline. By keeping everything in order and sorted out you can give 100% to the task at hand, without worrying that there is something missing.


The most important tip to improving your productivity is to just start! You can wake up early, fuel your mind, and plan ahead, but if you don’t actually begin doing everything you set out to do then you will get nowhere and you will continue to remain unproductive. Just continue to remind yourself to take the plunge and begin whatever tasks you have waiting for you at the moment.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Stay tuned for more coming soon!

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