Paros and Santorini | Greece, Part 2


Welcome back to the second part of my series in Greece. As I mentioned in a previous post, my family and I visited the island of Paros right after Athens, and stayed for 6 nights. During this time we managed to visit a bunch of really beautiful places and many of the beaches. My personal favorite was Kolimbithres Beach, which translates in english to “Swimmer’s Beach”. The name pretty much captures it all. The water in the beach was crystal clear, shallow, and completely calm. Imagine a giant swimming pool, filled with sand and saltwater and you get Kolimbithres.There was not a wave in sight, perfect for swimming or just lounging in the water. The beach was very intimate and the majority of the beachgoers were greek making us feel as if we were just some of the locals. If you have a chance to be in Paros definitely hit up Kolimbithres Beach 🙂




The rest of our time in Paros was pretty relaxed. We visited the beach each day and went to eat in one of the town restaurants at night. You can check out some of the outfits I wore each night on this trip by checking out the slider down below.


Finally we set sail for Santorini, taking another boat from Paros to arrive in the port of Fira. From there a driver from the hotel drove us to the town of Oia where we stayed the rest of the trip. Our hotel was called Golden Sunset Villas, and my family and I stayed in the Cave house. It was small but it did the trick and the views from our patio definitely made up for the lack of space. Santorini is known for its breathtaking scenery. There is nothing more surreal than looking over your balcony and seeing a vast blue ocean, the caldera, and the white on white classic Santorini homes. You feel as if you are in a different planet and are connected to the earth on another level. It is truly unbelievable.







At night everyone gathers around to watch the sunset, which is famous in the Town of Oia. If you visit, you will see the streets packed with tourists who are all trying to get a glimpse of the sun as it descends. It is one of the most majestic scenes I have ever seen in my life.







During our final days in Santorini we managed to squeeze in some fun experiences, such as getting a fish pedicure, and touring the famous Santorini Caldera and hot springs. The walk up the volcano was a massive hike but it is so worth it once you get to the top. Not to mention the boat ride on the Poseidon (as it was called) was incredible!




Our nights were pretty typical. We found a new place to eat every night and explored the town with all the shops. One of the best restaurants was a place called Strogili (“round” in greek); it was so good that we actually ended up eating there twice. Although a bit pricey, it was worth every penny so I definitely recommend this place if you are ever visiting Oia. Finally, the last few days in Greece were spent with family back in Athens, enjoying the shops in Chalandri and eating out at incredible tavernas.

Sadly all good things must come to an end! I had an amazing time in Greece this summer and wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. I am extremely excited to see which destination I will visit next!

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