Welcome to the New site!

Ahhhhhh, I am so glad to be back! It’s been a really long time since I sat down and wrote a post for the blog. The six months since my last post have been super crazy and a lot has changed since then. First off, the name of the site has been changed from cocolattebeauty to LovelyLace. I believe that this change better embodies what the site will be featured around–I will still be posting about beauty and style, but also about food, travel and health.  I am so very excited to see where this new change will take us.

Now a little bit about where I’ve been. As I mentioned these past six months have been crazy for me. I am currently a senior in college and graduating in May, so these last two semesters of college have been extremely time consuming. Not to mention I am planning to apply to medical school this summer, so I have been swamped with work commitments and studying for my Medical College Admissions Exam (MCAT), all in addition to the classes I am taking. I am also preparing to write my application for medical school in less than a month, so extra time for myself as of late is a gift. I finally found a moment today to take a break from all the studying and revisit the old site and I decided it was time for a change. After all everything else in my life is changing so figured why not revamp the blog! A fresh new blog seems to perfectly pair with this new chapter in my life come graduation. I know this next month will still be crazy hectic, but I hope by the time June rolls around I will be able to post more consistently.

Again I am so happy to finally be doing this again and I am thrilled you could join me!

Until next time,

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